Lucrative Business Opportunities Online

The Internet has surpassed 1 billion monthly users, according to CNET. Billions of dollars are spent every month online. Nowadays, Fortune 500 companies can be built solely on the internet. But you don't have to be an eBay, Amazon, or Google to cash in on this market. The Internet provides thousands of ways to build a business big or small from the comfort of, well, anywhere. Here are 4 of the best opportunities online that anyone can start right now.

The first business opportunity is information publishing. The 'Information Superhighway,' as the Internet is so aptly known, isn't just a great place to find information, but also a great place to sell it. Because of the Internet's scale, anyone can share and sell their expertise with anyone in the world - day or night. No matter how small your niche of expertise, say how to grow asparagus for example, you can sell that information via e-book, via website download, or via subscription-based website to the whole world. It's easy, lucrative, and very low-risk - especially compared to, say, publishing a book in the real world.

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The second business opportunity is online retailing. Just because the Internet is run on bits and bytes doesn't mean that you can't sell real physical stuff over the Internet. And unlike a local brick-and-mortar store, you can sell to the entire world. And because of the infinite number of niches out there, you don't have to be a Wal-Mart or Amazon to make money. You only have to find your niche and sell the product that you know.

The third business opportunity is auctions and used goods. Auctions and used goods are similar but slightly different from retailing, only because you are your own supplier, and the prices are set in real-time by you or your customers. You can start right now by selling a used book on Amazon or that weird coo-koo clock on eBay. It's the world's largest flea market and thrift store. The only limit here is your time and imagination.

The fourth is affiliate and ad programs. If selling physical goods or information isn't your thing, you can always help others sell their wares. It's as easy as starting a website, providing content, attracting users, and sending them to vendors via your affiliate program (commissioned link to a particular website) or via keyword ads. And internet companies such as Google and Amazon make affiliate and ad programs quick, and easy to set up. Your only job is creating content for your website.

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